A Woman’s Story

March 17th, 2010

There is spirituality and then there is feminine spirituality, why are the two different you may ask….its because a woman’s story, her story is different.

Women have had a history that did not embrace her fullest potential, her essence or the richness of her soul. Feminine spirituality has a unique purpose and role. It is about the celebration of stepping into her essence but it is also to address her total healing in well being so that she can step out of the roles that kept her from knowing her fullest potential, healing her essence so she can run it in her body. Women’s bodies are different from that of our male counterparts. They are higher in frequency, they are able to multitask differently and they have been conditioned to operate at a frequency that does not allow the fullness of feminine well being.

Feminine spirituality is addressing a woman’s body and how she uses it, how her energy is running and how to run energy in balance and well being. Feminine spirituality is also about raising ones vibration lovingly, learning how to care take herself before she attends to the world around her.

It is not my intention to segregate from the male population when I talk about feminine spirituality as men very much are a part of divine love, however female bodies and souls have a radically different need and method to employ in order to create internal balance. By addressing spirituality and healing with the focus of a woman’s intrinsic energetic needs and her unique vibrational essence is what I call the practice of feminine spirituality. When a woman is in her true vibrational frequency all beings benefit as this is well being.

Blessings In Joy,
Cynthia Warwick Seiler

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