Female Intuitition, What is it?

April 19th, 2010

Female Intuition is a special dynamic that was built into the feminine spiritual anatomy that can trace  all the way back to the first human. It has been a guiding force tribes depended on for hundreds and thousands of years .

FI is a unique dynamic as men do not have this extra intuitive sense within their body, mind, spirit to tap into and utilize. As men were designed to hunt, build, protect biologically,  female intuition was initially designed to keep women, children and tribes safe. It was used to lead the tribal community to safe ground in the nomad evolutionary time periods.  Female intuition was the guide tribes followed to find earth based foods, herbs, water, resting grounds and even where hunting was best served. The spiritual archetype of the feminine mastered intuitive sense to provide their community with well being.

In nomad times female intuition was honored and sacred. There was no questioning it. When humanity reached the Medieval time frame of our history spiritual growth became very dense and intuition at that time was feared and challenged greatly. Those that used it were condemned as it was not seen as a safe and natural part of holistic living.  Medieval times were the dark ages for women, men and cultural societies, it is where the first concepts of suffering were developed. The reason for it was to forge a new type of structural environment however archaic in its formation. This time frame is now over. It ended with the beginning of the 21st century.

Both women and men hold memory of Medieval times within their energy system, there is no need to keep fighting with it, it simply needs forgiveness and and release as it is past time energy. Women have allot of permission to open their intuition, however the dynamic memory within is something women have difficulty releasing. Soft rather than fight or flight is the way to contend with the harsher memory as they leave the body.

Opening up female intuition comes from utilizing a softer more loving vibration rather than martyr. There is no need to fight as it is only a memory that occurs over and over, running soft vibrations through your body eradicates the memories gently. Soft and gentile is more powerful than the harsh memory. Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself and others to dismantle the war.

To open and tap into female intuition gift it to yourself from a state of love. Know the pure opening of it is the act of being safe in the body as that is exactly what it was designed for beautifully. Most women have the special intuitive chakra about three inches from their forehead out infront and just above their eye at the level of the third eye. It is just a slight bit outside of the body and unites the crown, the physical eyes and the sixth chakra (center of head). It forms a divine triangle.  Focus your eyes on your third eye and then feel with your vibration the spot I am talking about just slightly out in front.  It may be placed alittle different for each woman but with this thumbprint you can find it. Notice how it quiets the mind, and the body. The body feels safer with intuition turned on.

In India the bindi ornament decorates the third eye as a way of celebrating the power of female intuition, it is placed there as a sacred memory that this is a very important component of prosperity and keeping the tribe safe. It will take western civilization a bit longer to recognize its importance, be patient. Tapping into your female intuition with gentle soft acceptance is your gift to all you love. Do not fight for it, or defend it, simply gracefully open it in a pure act of gracious unconditional love.


Cynthia Warwick Seiler

Rainbow Institute/Vermont Psychic, Feminine Spirituality Classes & Readings


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