Quan Yin, Asended Master Quan Yin

December 12th, 2009

Divine Feminine Teaching: Unconditional Love, Mindfulness, Compassion, Grace, Mastery

Chakra Advancement: 4th Chakra

Spiritual Life Lesson: Self reflection, going within

Symbol: Olive Branch, Lotus

Divine Alignment: Unconditional Love, Compassion

Color: Green, Pink, Gold

Atonement: Forgiveness, Compassion for self and others

Mantra: I go within to receive the gifts of the creator. I am as God Created Me. My state of being is My Grace. My grace is unconditional love.

Working with Quan Yin is such a joy for Elaine and I. Quan Yin has a special way of opening up to you that shows you how special and beautiful you really are. She is gifted in transformational empowerment by opening up the heart and can assist anyone to ascend any or all thing gracefully.  Quan Yin teaches us so much about passion, compassion and unconditional love. She lives and breathes a state of grace and exists in the higher vibrational field of oneness. Most of our work at Goddess Talks Radio and The Goddess Healing Circle is under her counsel and we consult her as a trusted adviser often.

We hope you to enjoy and celebrate the teachings of Quan Yin as she is here with us often and one of the most impressionable aspects of the Divine Feminine our work is inspired from.

Here are the links to the archived Goddess Talks Radio shows with Ascended Master Quan Yin December 2009:

Goddess Talks Radio: QUAN YIN 12-04-2009 archive

Goddess Talks Radio: QUAN YIN 12-12-2009 archive

Goddess Talks Radio: QUAN YIN 12-18-2009 archive

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