Mary Magdalene

October 25th, 2010

Divine Feminine Teaching: Ownership of your will is the first light of Christ, Christ is the force within us all.

Chakra Advancement: Heart, Sacred Vessel, Crown

Spiritual Life Lesson: To see the woods beyond trees is to remove the veil within your own eyes

Symbol: Light

Divine Alignment: Remember who you truly are then your pathway back home will become clear, simple and easy

Color Value: Robust Gold

Atonement: I am forgiving myself for loosing my way

Mantra: I am the light within, the light within is the Christ of Gold

New Earth Feminine Archetype:  Miracle is within us all, I within myself am a miracle healer, I turn within to find my true gold.

Higher Call To Service:  Returning

Mary Magdalene has resurected from much historical controversy stemming from humanities midevial zeitgeist.  In her resurfacing we have found her as one of the greatest female spokespersons and representatives of the Christed light, the sea of souls that the Ascended Masters spoke of in the return of the 2012 movements back into right action and Global Christ Consciousness. Mary is an amazing and loving leader of this movement and is one of the original representatives of Christ Consciousness.  She is unwavering in her purity of embodiment and a true healer of the feminine light.

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